See Your Network Map
Entire IT Environment

Faddom, the world’s fastest and lightest application dependency mapping platform, maps all your on-prem and cloud topologies in less than 60 minutes — without installing any agents!

Find all your legacy and modern virtual or physical servers, hybrid business applications, and their dependencies now.

Completely passive. Lightweight.
No agents. No credentials. No firewalls.

Can work completely offline.

Common Use Cases

IT Documentation and Asset Management

Everything starts with asset discovery. You always need to validate those assets that you believe to exist. If you don’t have accurate documentation, nothing else matters.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Uptime is critical. Know where all your traffic is flowing across servers and applications to build complete backups based on dynamic information.

Data Center Consolidation and Cloud Migration

Build and deploy quickly. See a fast time to value. 100% accurate and platform-independent.

NetSecOps and Microsegmentation

You can’t protect what you don’t know about. Knowing your environment inside out is the first step in planning micro segmentation and how your going to protect IT assets.

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Download Faddom’s agentless VM.


Deploy Faddom in your environment.


Map all your business applications and gain full visibility.

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No agents or server credentials needed. No open firewalls.
Zero impact on performance.